CPD 23 – Thing 1

23 Things for Professional Development. As someone who feels stagnant I have been wondering how to instil new challenges without looking for other jobs. Then along pops Ms Lauren Smith with her tempting mention of #CPD23 on twitter. “Oooooh, what be that???” me-thinks, and off I trot for a look-see. “Ooooooooh, that’s for me” me-thinks then. And after checking Walk You Home won’t object to my jumping her bandwagon, I signed up.
There are many Web 2.0 elements with which I am familiar, but do not exploit enough, and many that are new, and with the course being online, free and requiring weekly tasks done in my own time, it’s ideal. Peers supporting peers. Librarians enhancing the skills and information-sharing for and with other Librarians. Now THIS is what I signed up my soul to the information world for :D


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2 responses to “CPD 23 – Thing 1

  1. wiseowllibrarian

    So know what you mean about exploitng all these web tools – too many tools not enough time or in my case expertise. Doing cpd23 will really focus me to get to grips with stuff and have fun, and meet new libbies.

  2. Tina Price-Johnson

    I have to do 10 hours of CPD training a year otherwise I will lose my Paralegal status (fingers crossed for an exam pass). I’ll be joining you then! As long as you don’t over commit…

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