CPD23 Thing 3 – My Personal Brand

Hmmmm…   Suggested issues to consider 1) Name Used 2) Photograph 3) Professional/Personal Identity 4) Visual Brand.  The activity within my online areas… What happens when you google my name!

1) Name Used – in my blog.  Well, this has changed for personal reasons.  Unfortunately I cannot change the blog URL (although according to libwig I can, and may do…), which I chose because it marries the main factors that make me, me.  My forename, vocation, original family acronym and my being a twin.  My family make-up has altered but as my self-employed business is called this so it remains.  But my posting ID is now my first name and my new family acronym, the first initials of me and my daughters.  It was unusual enough to be unique but identifiable as me by those who know me.

2) Photograph – easy, it’s a really old one that, again, people will know is me IF they know me but isn’t instantly identifiable for those who haven’t ever met me physically, and vanity finds it flattering :)

3) Professional/Personal Identity – am putting this last, it’s the longest one…

4) Visual.  I just chose one that was simple, not girly, and not too busy, in colours I like.  Not a lot more thought went into it than that!  I may need to look for a meaningful wallpaper as I feel it is a bit boring but…  Time… just not got the time!

Back to 3).  Well.  My blog started off as a place to have a rant about whatever was bothering me at the time.  I did not intend it to be a particularly professional sphere of communication although saving libraries is both one of my issues and a professional concern so it actually does marry both.  I thought about starting a new blog and separating the personal from the professional but… I can’t!  If my profession was simply a place I went to in order to earn a wage then maybe, but it’s not, it is personal so…  I just hope those reading my blog don’t do so to see if they want to work with me, and think that what they see there is truly representative of my conduct in professional circumstances!  My blog is intended as a place to have considered moans, that’s probably the best way of putting it!

Googling my name.  Of COURSE I’ve done this!  I’ll just do it again and see what occurs…  Oooh, my first result is the Write Path ID that I have as a project undertaken in the Day job, then a Guardian article from when I was interviewed annually over 3 years as the school librarian representative of 50 different public sector jobs (and proving my salary has gone DOWN), next GLAM School of Motoring within a Driving School Directory – this is my business; 4th is Linked In… then sites in which my name appears, blimey, the first sites actually refer to me! Benefits of an unusual surname? The first 25 results are me, often from sites in which I have no control over the content, the 26th links to someone with my name in Second Life, and the 27th lists a Librarian in Erdington Library, Birmingham with my name!!!!  OMG!!!  Exciting!!!!  Am going to be stalking her!  Oh, it’s me in a list underneath which is Erdington Library.  *sigh*.

Online Presence.  I have 6 email addresses, all used for different reasons.  My main work one used in my day job; my GLAM School of Motoring one used for that sphere of work; my older personal yahoo one I primarily use for SLN; my hotmail one which I use as an alternate to the day job, for my NVQ assessing and ebay-type online IDS; My Save Our Libraries Doncaster ID which I use for trying to save Doncaster from itself and FINALLY my personal google one for friends and family and chitchat.  I have a Facebook account which I LOVE and use both personally and professionally insofar as I use it for my driving school and also for interest groups.  I also have a bebo account that I only set up to keep in touch with certain younger friends of mine such as nieces and Godchildren and rarely look at.  I have a Linked In account for my driving school and may set up a separate one in order to connect in the library world.  I have two twitter accounts, my personal one which I actually use more for the Library World than personally, and my driving school one, and I am also a tweeter for my day job on their account.

So there is very little I can do about the information already out there, and I simply need to ensure that areas where I do separate personal from professional has clear and obvious delineations.  On the whole I am pretty happy about the representations of me out there, on a professional level perhaps they could be more serious but that’s a niggle, not a concern.  

I wonder, is t’interweb perhaps a little oversaturated by me???


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7 responses to “CPD23 Thing 3 – My Personal Brand

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed your post. I don’t think it’s possible to have too much web presence, and I think it’s impressive that you have such a wide variety of sites linking to you. I like how you stated this: “So there is very little I can do about the information already out there, and I simply need to ensure that areas where I do separate personal from professional has clear and obvious delineations.”

    This is something I’ve worked hard to do. One thing I’ve done is to keep my Facebook private because I use that more for personal communications. I also have been very aware of what I’m posting to my Twitter because I started it with the intention of using it as a professional growth/networking tool. I actually am enjoying blogging so much that I made an anonymous email account and blog so that I can write about my daily life and frustrations without it having any negative impact on my professional self.

    Nice to meet you!!

    • LynneGAL

      Thanks. I tend to just let my thoughts run free in these blog posts, possibly they could do with editing but… then they stop being my thoughts!

  2. I was wondering about your unusual blog name.

    • LynneGAL

      I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful!!!!

    • LynneGAL

      Just realised I never actually answered the wondering! Lynne – my name, Lib – my vocation (Librarian), GLAM – my business, once the initials of all my immediate family members combined (though divorce has put paid to that!) and is my business name, Twin – I am a twin, and that has been the biggest shaping of my personality possible. So, the 4 key elements to me, combined. :D

  3. Tina Price-Johnson

    Blimey, my head hurts just thinking about all those separate accounts. Then I looked at my list of online accounts, and the fact I have a different password for almost every one, none of which are saved on any hackable PC or laptop I use. My head hurts again.

    I shall rest content in the knowledge I am mentioned in your blog name as ‘twin’. The reason mine is as it is, is because I intend to blog my views, and didn’t want that to have any impact on you in particular. I may put a bit more personal info in my “Who Am I?” section, but only if you assure me that it won’t reflect upon you in any negative way. I stand by everything I write, but some people seem to find it hard to separate the person from their family/friends/acquaintance/work etc.

    I await your permission with baited breath (which has always seemed like a particularly revolting concept – does that mean one’s breath smells of wriggly maggots?)…

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