Thing 4 CPD23. The dawning realisation that procrastination is not always your thing…

Wow! This Thing (4) is about Twitter, RSS Feeds and Pushnote. For the first time I’m not behind in the game!
I’ve had Twitter for my personal/professional use for quite some time, although did neglect it a while. I do minimal personal tweeting (I have facebook for that) and predominantly professional. I find it truly invaluable as I get many links and leads from contacts and often have upwards of 20 tabs opened as I click on links to check and sort once I’ve scrolled through twitter. I have a personal rule to never scroll back more than 24 hours of tweets if I’ve not been online a while. I would certainly recommend skimming and scanning to the newby – see, cross-resource information literacy skills are relevant.
I have another Twitter account too, for my driving instructor school (a grand phrase for just me!) which is the Glam School of Motoring.

I confess I have not used it lately. I am planning to tweet once per day from that account with some pertinent piece of driving news or advice, but am waiting for my Glam School of Motoring website to be updated before starting that! I am also one of the twitterers for Danum School‘s account.
So, I guess I’m okay with Twitter!

What else? Oh yes, RSS Feeds. Once again I’m ahead of the game *boast boast*. I have set up my own RSS Feed within my google ID. Once again the concentration tends to be professional blogs or friends who enter into discourse or offer considered opinion with which I can engage. I think there is one humourous one but… I tend to keep them professional. Here are my current feeds:-

Between the RSS feeds and the tweets I am more current with ILS innovations and news than I have ever been before.

Pushnote – I cannot access this at the moment as I cannot use it at work. I have read other comments about it and am not sure what use it may be initially as the websites shared by fellow professionals tend to be recommendation enough, but I will have a look-see later.


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2 responses to “Thing 4 CPD23. The dawning realisation that procrastination is not always your thing…

  1. I’ve heard of twitter, but rest of this post is a complete mystery to me!

  2. Welcome to the world of Technogeekery – you can have my place if you like since I find I enjoy being a Luddite more and more as I get older. I just want to use my old Mac and a single text editor that’s green text on a black background.

    As for Twatter I hate it, it is the lowest common denominator of conversation, interpersonal relationships distilled to the most stripped of any emotion, a world of monologues and shouting to the silence. By its very nature it forces unwitting narcissism on both reader and writer. Blogging is not so dissimilar and there is of course a great deal of shite out there but at least there is unlimited space to say what is on your mind. I think I’ve twice thought of good tweets one was ‘Sitting drinking Irish beer in a Cuban bar in a German city’ and I forget the other. 2 returns in many months does not justify an account so I remain glad not to have one. Facebook is as bad, God the bilge people come out with for statuses…

    Suffice to say I am not a fan. I do miss people’s photos though.

    I had RSS feeds, I got bored of them it just made me feel inadequate that I didn’t visit things I knew I ought to!

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