I’m scared… why aren’t you?

My latest two tweets sum it up:-

Lynne_GALs So, we all have ‘responsibility’ in Big Society to ‘volunteer’ as public sector,but no right to benefit as everything is privatised? #condem

Lynne_GALs #olympics2012lies rescind Sunday trading ‘for benefit’ yet in London businesses have been advised to close. London hit again?

The condems, who were not voted in and exist to govern only via a dodgy coalition, the smaller ‘half’ of which has forgotten all its’ promises, seem determined to fracture and break the UK. Under the guise of ‘The Big Society’ we are urged to volunteer to cover public service roles as this will ‘save’ money from our pockets (hardly, once we’ve paid privately for those self-same services!). Yet we are not considered sufficiently members of society to benefit from the remaining public-owned functions and these (roads being the latest) are to be sold off to private companies. But it’s okay as cutting the top rate of tax will ensure all those people who have given so generously to their local communities previously and not at all dodged tax and invested offshore, will definitely start paying up… yes?

Roads being privatised will, inevitably, decrease the options for the vast majority of people (who do not have tracts of disposable cash) regarding travel. This makes a mockery of the demand by job centres to consider work within 50 miles of residence! Hence decreasing work prospects against a background of increasing unemployment. But no matter, one can pull ones socks up and self-educate, apply for loads of jobs by finding them online as everyone has internet at home! Except they don’t, but never mind – go to your local library, what do you mean it’s now closed or run by ‘volunteers’, therefore opening when it can be. Still, at least the professional, discrete and courteous assistance required will be available still? No – those staff are stood next to you having been made redundant and replaced by volunteers, after all, all a library staffer need do is stamp a book.

It’s enough to give one a coronary – oh dear, need an ambulance? Do you have enough money in your personal NHS pot? No – have you enough to pay the mortuary at least, well, that’s another job opened up anyway. Oh – you DO have enough, okay, well providing the ambulance crew have enough change to pay the tolls on the newly privatised roads you should get there in time.

And don’t get me STARTED on education!

So – as the above is not beyond the realms of reality – why are YOU not scared?

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One response to “I’m scared… why aren’t you?

  1. Damn right I’m scared. And very, very angry.

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